Why does PetsWell Pantry’s packaging states “for supplemental feeding only”?  What a great question.  Here’s a pertinent analogy….. How would you like to order a nice steak dinner at your favorite restaurant, and have the chef add crushed calcium and other synthetic vitamins and additives on your behalf? How would that change the taste of your juicy steak? Not to mention, what is the quality of the vitamins that they have chosen to include in your fresh food? You probably wouldn’t eat out again or if you did, you would definitely request to 86 the added chemicals STAT!

At Petswell Pantry, we do not include synthetic vitamins, organ meat or other chemicals and additives that are required by the AAFCO to categorize our products as complete and balanced. Research shows that similar to humans, pets fed a consistent daily diet of fresh wholefoods along with premium protein and healthy carbs will live a longer and healthier life. Our products are intended to help supplement your pet’s diet. By adding PWP’s food & treats to your pet’s current diet, you are introducing your beloved pet to a whole new world of healthy foods. This can help to eliminate future potential health issues, such as cancer and kidney failure. Our food is moist and fresh, so your pet’s digestive system and kidneys do not have to work so hard.

Most commercial pet food currently on the market is loaded with by-products, meals, toxic chemicals and fillers to help your pet feel fuller. The nutritional value is almost obsolete, and essentially your pet is fed junk food that is processed using low quality ingredients not fit for human consumption. If you can’t eat it, why would you feed it to your pet? Many pet parents are now choosing to feed their pet a healthy premium brand that does not include by-product and meals. One of our favorites that we recommend is the Wellness brand. Visit them at  www.wellnesspetfood.com.

Remember, commercial kibble is highly processed no matter how premium the brand. Always add cooked fresh food as a healthy supplement and keep fresh water accessible for your pet at all times. Let us do the cooking and you can trust that every morsel of our natural organic food and treats are made with your pet’s health and safety in mind.  Give us a try and see for yourself how nutrition can work from the inside out. Watch the definite bounce in Fido’s steps when he smells the freshness. GO FRESH! Give us a call to learn more. (918) 510-8095 or (888) 610-1918.

Love, The PetsWell Team

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