PetsWell Pantry is proud to support the Puppy Haven Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma.   It is their mission at Puppy Haven Rescue to provide loving homes to all dog breeds of every age a loving forever home.  The staff at Puppy Haven Rescue are all passionate when it comes to pets and their health.

The staff at Puppy Haven Rescue are all dog lovers that work hard to meet the dreams and fulfill their vision to save thousands and thousands of dogs in this Tulsa area.

They not only give of their time but also sponsor adoption events at Petco locations in the Tulsa area.  The staff enjoys watching Tulsans partake in the many fun activities during these adoption events, including dog adoptions and giving them forever homes.

One of the goals that Puppy Haven Rescue has is to save as many dogs as possible.  They want to build spacious, temporary housing for dogs who are in immediate need of saving.  This will provide Puppy Haven Rescue an alternative option when there is not enough foster space available.

Breanne Luiskutty, the founder of Puppy Haven Rescue, said “I have always had such a strong passion for animals, specifically dogs. I never had any desire work with dogs as a veterinarian, groomer, or dog trainer. I knew, however, that God had called upon me to help them in some way. It really wasn’t until now that God showed me what to do with this passion. Growing up in Oklahoma, there are lost and abandoned dogs everywhere.”

So, for every new 500 likes, we get on our Puppy Haven Rescue Facebook post, we will give a $50 donation to them. We believe that no dog should ever be abandoned, abused, or neglected. So, the more people we can get to like our post will help the Puppy Haven Rescue find loving homes for abandoned dogs in the Tulsa area.

To donate, please visit their website:

Puppy Haven Rescue
11063-DS. Memorial #466
Tulsa, OK 74133

Love, The PetsWell Team

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