For many dog owners out there, there are few activities that are more enjoyable than letting your dog off the leash and allowing them to explore patches of nice, tall grass. Not only do we get to receive the joy of watching them run and play, but the animals themselves also receive a wonderful amount of exercise. However, this grass could be hiding a silent killer that is all too common.

There are certain types of grass that could prove harmful to your dog or even lethal. You cannot simply allow your pet to run free anymore, until you have taken the time to investigate the area to make sure that it is completely free of all foxtail grass. Foxtail grass is far more harmful than pet owners typically realize and it can cause a number of painful wounds.

The dog’s skin will be pierced and their eyes, feet, stomach and nose are all left in danger. The seed awns are what makes this form of grass so incredibly dangerous to the pup. The seeds for foxtail grass come with needles that allow them to burrow into the ground more deeply. What sounds like a wondrous miracle of nature can have dire consequences for a pet.

Dogs with longer hair are considered to be far more vulnerable than short haired dogs. This grass can be found in just about any location, which makes the process of avoiding it much more tricky for even the most vigilant pet owners. Vacant lots and disturbed sites are the areas that pet owners will want to keep an especially close watch over.

So how does a pet owner know if their dog has been recently exposed to the foxtail grass? For starters, constant sneezing is a major tip off and so are violent head shakes. If the animal has new skin lumps or is pawing at their eyes in an excessive manner, this can be the dog’s way of signaling that they are experiencing a wound or an infection.

In most cases, owners can simply become more proactive and keep a closer watch over areas where their dog runs and plays. Check your dog for symptoms regularly if they are regularly playing in tall grass and if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, be sure to seek professional assistance for your dog right away.


Love, The PetsWell Team

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