As loving pet parents it is not only our responsibility to ensure that our pets are healthy and happy, but we also need to ensure that they receive regular grooming, in order to ensure that they have healthy eye, ears, skin and coats. However, one should not forget to take care of their nails and paws.

On the contrary, taking care of their nails and paws may well be much more important than many people realize. As much time as we spend on our feet, we should remember that our fur babies spend just as much time on theirs, so taking care of their paws should be at the top of their grooming list.

As much as most pet parents dread clipping their fur baby’s nails, many dogs equally dread the experience. But, this need not be a dreadful experience for neither pet parents not their beloved fur babies. With some practice (and a little perseverance) our fur babies can become used to having their paws checked and their nails clipped and this is vitally important.

The Importance of Short Nails
Regular nail trimming is very important, as long nails pose not only aesthetic problems, but also functional problems. When the nails are too long, they are in constant contact with the ground, which can cause a dog much pain, as the nail actually pushes back into the nail bed. This can result in bigger problems over time, as the joints of the foreleg are also affected by the long nails.

Long nails can result in realignment of the joints in the foreleg and leads to the paw appearing flat. This further interferes with the proper weight distribution of a dog’s body weight, as well as their natural alignment and posture. Long nails can make walking and/or running around a painful experience for your beloved pooch. It is therefore important to check their nails and paws on a regular basis.

Long nails can also curve and push into the paw pad, which can cause much pain and damage to the paw pad. Another problem which can be caused by long nails, is the possibility of infection. If the nails are too long they are more prone to splitting or tearing and this is not only very painful, but it can cause infection. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that nail trimming forms a regular part of our beloved pooch’s grooming.

It is also important to monitor your beloved fur baby’s behaviour i.e. if he or she suddenly does not want their nails clipped. You should also monitor your pup’s movement. If you notice that your pup walks or runs differently and you suspect that they are experiencing discomfort in any way, he or she may be suffering from joint related pain. Hence your pup not wanting his or her nails clipped. In this case you should take your pup to your local Veterinarian for a checkup.

As loving pet parents, we realize that grooming forms an important part of our relationship with our fur babies, as it is an excellent time for bonding and spending good quality time together, which is very important to our fur baby’s wellbeing. So, to get them used to nail trimming, one should consider setting a certain day and time aside, in order that our pup becomes used to this quality time together. It is also best to ensure that your pup is relaxed when you do this.

One way of getting your fur baby used to this is by gently stroking the legs and working your way down to the paws, then gently inspect the paws carefully. Look in between the toes and on and around the paw pads. Ensure that there are no cuts or abrasions on the paw pad and if you find any problems, it is advisable to visit your local Veterinarian, in order to obtain the appropriate treatment.

Although exercise and taking our beloved pooch for regular walks is also very important for their overall wellbeing, we should also consider the time we take our pooch for a walk. This is particularly important in summer time, as we may consider a walk to be a brilliant idea. But, taking your beloved fur baby for a walk in the blazing heat, may also pose other problems, such as dehydration and their paw pads getting burnt by the hot concrete.

Instead, consider taking your pooch for a walk a little later in the day, when it is little cooler outside. This way you will ensure that your beloved fur baby is protected from both the scorching heat and the possibility of getting their paws burnt by hot concrete.

Ultimately, taking good care of your fur baby’s paws and nails, will not only ensure his or her happiness and wellbeing, but it will allow you to enjoy lots of quality time and walks together.

Love, The PetsWell Team

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