We all know that dog is man’s – and women’s – best friend. They bring us happiness and give us unlimited love. So, you have to wonder why animal shelters are usually at maximum occupancy, if not overloaded, with strays. And sadly, those shelters have limited budgets, funding, and space, thus making it necessary to euthanize many of those that are brought to them.

All of which is just one of the many reasons when we decide we want a pet, going to a rescue organization is the best thing. Here, we’re going to provide a list of other reasons for you to consider.

It is Humane

It is a strength to have and show compassion, and adoption at an animal shelter is compassionate and humane. The act of adoption gives an animal a second chance of living and it takes one more animal off the list for possible euthanasia.

You Get a Bargain

The price of adopting from a shelter is much less than buying from a breeder, which is too often the owner of a puppy mill. The price you pay the shelter covers neutering, vaccinations, and many times it now covers micro-chipping, too.

You’re Cutting Into Puppy Mills Profits

Puppy mills are known not to provide proper care for their “merchandise.” The conditions the dogs live in are often filthy and poor, with the animals living in tiny cages.

Your Life-Long Best Friend

When you adopt from the pet shelter, you are getting a new best friend that will be with you through thick and thin, no questions asked.

There are several common misconceptions about adopting from shelters such as the dogs there are undesirable. Or, if you aren’t sure what the best breed and size dog to get, you have to take what they have. At animal shelters today, the staff is educated, trained, and more than happy to help you find the perfect match for you and your family.

Love, The PetsWell Team

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