An engagement photo shoot is a lovely way to document the beginnings of the new family you’re about to build, but what if you have beloved pets? They’re already part of the family, so shouldn’t they be included? I certainly think so. Not only will they add some cuteness to the result, I’m sure they’ll make the entire photoshoot memorable with their antics!

A walk on the beach.

You don’t need to get fancy or clever when including your pets.

They’ll make sure they get some of the spotlight.

Keep an eye on the ring, though!

This picture is beautiful, but I bet the cat was batting the ring around like a toy only a second later.

Everyone put your hands together.

I adore this pic. It isn’t just the hands of the couple, but their dog and two cats too. Everyone supports this marriage!

Get their help for the announcement.

If they’ll sit still long enough. Mine wouldn’t.

And you don’t need to limit yourself to just cats and dogs!

Look at these adorable bunnies!

But to understand the delight of having your pet at the shoot, you need to meet Louis.

He’s an adorable dachshund whose humans understandably wanted to include him.

But he just wanted to play in the leaves!

I love this picture. Best photobomb!Source:

Love, The PetsWell Team

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