There are a few things our canine companions would definitely share if they could put pen to paper. They love and trust their humans to care for them and provide a safe and loving home along with the necessities such as food, water, toys, exercise and affection…..lots and lots of affection.  Here are just a few things that dogs would blog!

First thing is first…..Let’s Bond!

“We love to be in the same room with our human parents. We want to be included in family activities, whether it is watching TV or taking a nap. We fall in love with our humans each and every time we see them so don’t leave us alone waiting too long!”

Feeding Time

“Similar to humans, we require food for energy. The more active we are, the more fuel we require. It also helps to stabilize our blood sugar if we are fed throughout the day. Ideally, once in the morning, once in the evening and healthy snacks in between. We are always thrilled to get additional happy moments in our day! We adjust best in a routine environment so feeding us at relatively the same times is best. We can’t tell time – we’re dogs! But internal instincts serve as our alarm that it is feeding time. We can’t tell you what we want; we can only trust that our human parents will take responsibility for making healthy decisions on our behalf. This is just one of the many ways to strengthen  our special bond.”


“We love being outdoors and feeling the fresh grass on our paws with the sun beaming off the tips of our nose.  Did you say ‘let’s go for a walk?’  That English phrase is right up there with the words ‘treats’ and ‘play’.  We love our exercise and can even be trained to grab our own leash and wait patiently at the door!  We know this is a golden opportunity for us to explore scents, sounds and feel adrenaline while we hike it high on a mailbox or a fire hydrant and our neighbor’s bushes. We can smell all the competition, and we will wipe them out with our scent.  Don’t deny us the great outdoors with you, we need it to get rid of our excess energy.  Ready, set, GO!”

Dog Beds:

“Providing us a soft landing spot is so important that it shouldn’t be considered optional; but instead, a necessary piece of equipment for us regardless of our size, breed, or age. Our beds help to support hips and joints by adding cushion while we rest. A bed can keep us warm and secure while getting tucked in for the night. There are many affordable orthopedic bedding options on the market for us. Beds can make such a huge difference for us seniors. Better yet, do what most human parents do, and that is share your bed.  We love that best! Now that you know all our canine secrets,  may we start with treats????”

Love, The PetsWell Team

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