Although food aggression and protecting their food may seem normal, it needs to be addressed.

Food aggression is a trait that is displayed by wild animals due to the fact that food is a precious resource.

Allowing this food aggression behavior to continue is unwise. This is especially true if your dog shows this aggressive behavior with you. It can lead to dangerous situations for you and your family.

Understanding the motivations your dog is acting on will allow you to address the problem effectively.

Stop Dog Food Aggression – Dominance

Just like other problem behaviors, the food aggression results from the struggle for dominance.

Pack leaders eat first.

Aggression towards other dogs may be because your dog is trying to establish himself as the dominant dog or leader of the pack. In this situation, it may be advisable to feed your dog separately during the meal times. If the aggression aimed at you during meal times, it may mean the dog is in this struggle with you for the same dominance. This situation cannot be tolerated.

The problem of aggression with small dogs can be quickly escalated if not quickly addressed. Your dogs need to know that you are in charge and that there is no question as to that fact.

There are a variety of techniques that can be used to accomplish this safely and quickly.

Stop Dog Food Aggression – Chain of Bad Behavior

By becoming the leader of the pack, your dog’s perception of your relationship with your dog can be very positive in many respects. Aggression around food in your presence is your dog’s way of challenging your authority on many levels.

Although this may seem like an overwhelming situation, it can be changed by establishing the role of pack leader on your part. Your dog’s inappropriate behavior will occur less frequently when he realizes that you are in charge, not him.

If your dog has exhibited behavior that makes you or your family feel is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, it may require a professional dog trainer to correct the problem.

How To Stop Dog Food Aggression – Desperation

Not knowing when or if he will get fed can cause your dog to become aggressive towards his food. This guarding or hoarding food, as he would do in the wild can be solved with a few simple steps.

Having a regular feeding schedule will help assure your dog that he will be fed. There is no need for him to worry about when the next meal will appear or where it will be coming from.

The cause and severity of the problem of food aggression in your dog will determine the course you must take. Consult with a professional dog trainer for help in dealing with the problem or for some advice will benefit both you and your dog.

Once the question of whether or not there will be regular feedings will continue is solved, chances are that the aggressive behavior will be less frequent or totally eliminated.

One on one is good, but if there are several dogs in your home, you may have to separately feed them for the safety of the non-aggressive dogs.






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