Family Dog Drags Dad Down To The Water And He Nearly Collapses At What He Sees

If you are someone who thinks that dogs are just your normal animals, this story will show you just how wrong you are. This tale unfolded in Brisbane, Australia. A two year old boy wandered away from his family when they were visiting with some of their friends. Little Alexander was gone for a few moments before his family had a chance to notice what had taken place.

The only one who noticed Alexander’s disappearance was the family’s dog, Leala. The little boy was curious and if there is any animal that can match the curiosity of a small child, it is a dog. By the time Leala found Alexander, it was almost too late. The boy had made his way to a dam. From there, he had taken an awful tumble and wound up face down in the water.

Leala instinctively knew that this was not where the little boy was supposed to be. She sprinted back to the house as fast as she could and started to bark. Alexander’s father followed the dog down to the dam and found his unconscious son. He spent 27 harrowing minutes trying to revive the child with the use of CPR. The paramedics would soon arrive and place the child in stable condition.

Alexander was transported to a Brisbane hospital for further medical assistance. The doctors told Alexander’s parents that they should expect the child to experience some small level of brain damage as a result of the ordeal. He was then put into an induced coma to enhance the healing process. After two days in the induced coma, Alexander and his parents awoke to wonderful news.

The little boy showed no signs of permanent brain damage! Thanks to the dog’s quick thinking, Alexander’s father David was able to provide him with the CPR needed to save his life. David may have been instrumental in saving his son’s life, but he is not taking any of the credit. Dog may be man’s best friend, but dog is also a friend to small children.

If you would like to find a best friend of your own, please be sure to visit a local shelter. Our local shelters are full of brand new best friends who are just waiting for us to arrive. Share this amazing story with all of the animal lovers that you know as soon as possible.


Love, The PetsWell Team

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