Between January and December 2016, the Humane Society of Tulsa had taken in almost 1500 cats and dogs and we had only 75 left in our care. Some of the fur babies were lost due to illness and other issues, but most them found new families to join.

While it is a sad time, many of the intakes we accept are surrendered by their human families for a variety of reasons. Trying to find the bright side to those stories, we see those human families to be caring and loving enough to want those cats and dog to find a forever home. If you have found yourself visiting our website because you too have a fur member of your family that needs to be re-homed, we thank you for your interest.

We understand that it can be a trying time to decide in relinquishing a pet, but we want you to know that we here at the Humane Society of Tulsa are here to help, not judge. Whether it is a stray that you have found or some other reason, the fact that you’re reading this shows that you care about that animal.
We are a private no-kill organization and while that is a beautiful thing, it also limits our capacity in how many cat and dogs we can take. We do not euthanize animals but instead search for a new home for each animal that comes to us.

We also respond to local disaster and emergency situations with rescue services, sheltering, and veterinary services, as well as victim support services. The Humane Society of Tulsa is equipped to handle large-scale animal rescues such as commercial breeding shutdowns, defunct animal shelters, hoarding cases, and other situations.

Humane Society of Tulsa
8343 S. Memorial Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 495-3647

Love, The PetsWell Team

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