CBD Is Here to Chill Out Anxious Pets, Whether They Want It or Not

CBD Is Here to Chill Out Anxious Pets, Whether They Want It or Not

CBD has infiltrated wellness products of all kinds for humans. Pets were probably the inevitable next frontier.

ll Douglas, a 52-year-old gift-basket maker, first heard about CBD for pets when her friend’s cat’s tumor fell off. “He was [topically] putting CBD oil on his cat that had a tumor-like thing on his tail,” she said. “And it literally just fell off. It was amazing.”

She was inspired to try out CBD for her own cat, Klinger, whom she had diagnosed with a serious case of “cattitude.” “Within literally a week or so of taking the CBD, I was able to pet her,” she said. Klinger also lost weight, which Douglas also credits to CBD treatments.

CBD—the non-psychoactive derivative of the marijuana and hemp plants—has taken off among humans, marketed as a solution for everything from pain and anxiety to skin care and diet. So it should come as no surprise that pets—on whom Americans spend $72 billion annually—may reap the supposed benefits. CBD oil has made its way into pet treats and oils sprinkled carefully over the food bowl, making up nearly $7 million of the almost $6 billion in weed dispensary sales in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington last year. It’s marketed as a remedy for animal’s seizures, arthritis, pain, and anxiety.

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