We live in an era where health and fitness have become top priorities for many people. And just as we seek to care for ourselves, we also strive to offer our pets the best in life. This involves not only giving them lots of love and attention, but also the healthiest and most nutritious diet.

We all know that commercial food is easily obtainable and cost effective, but it doesn’t provide the best nutrition for our furry friends. Just as much as we need various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for peak performance, they need them to maintain an overall state of good health. Introducing fresh, organic, and non-processed food into your furry friend’s diet offers an array of benefits. Read on to discover the advantages of going organic.

Healthier Pets

Healthier Pets

At PetsWell Pantry, we use only natural, organic ingredients and avoid all preservatives, toxic chemicals, fillers, or synthetic vitamins. Thanks to our food, you can expect to have a healthier, happier, and more active pet. Organic food not only improves an animal’s skin and coat, it can also boost your pet’s energy level.

No Added Sugars, Additives and Artificial Coloring Means Improved Health and Coat

In much the same way certain high-sugar content foods can affect humans, so too they can impact our furry friends. Research shows that food coloring can cause skin ailments and affects certain breeds more than others. That’s why we leave these nasty ingredients out. With our products, you can expect to have a healthy pet free from weight problems. Forget about itchy, irritable skin, too. Our foods promote a beautiful coat.

Bye Bye By-Products

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Ask yourself this question: If your food contained by-products, would you still eat it? The answer would definitely be “no,” so why do we allow our pets to consume undesired derivatives? Our fresh, organic food contains no by-products, no “funny” substances that can cause digestive, kidney, or liver problems. You will see a definite difference in your pet’s general health and behaviour, and your pet will love you all the more for the healthy diet!

Say Good Bye to Allergies

Pollutants and certain substances found in food also influence our pets’ health. Additives, sugars, and artificial coloring and flavoring can all cause certain allergies in animals. But incorporating our fresh, organic, non-processed food into your pet’s diet will alleviate such symptoms and may leave your furry friend completely allergy free.

The Assurance that You are Taking Better Care of Your Pet

You may give your pet a lot of attention, love, and care, but if you do not provide your pet with the best possible nutrition, your furry friend may suffer from certain preventable ailments. Providing your pet with our fresh, organic food can ease your mind and assure you that you have already taken a big step toward guaranteeing better care for your furry friend.

Less Food Equals More Vitality

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You may have noticed that commercial pet food seems to require bigger portions. Also, some pets do not seem satisfied after a meal. Why? Commercial pet food contains by-products and preservatives to compensate for a lack of human-grade protein and fresh ingredients. Therefore, when you feed your pet fresh, organic food, you will see that it needs smaller portions—and that your furry friend will have even more energy than before.

Quality vs Quantity

Given the choice, we would prefer to eat healthy meals and live healthy lifestyles, so why not make the same sort of selection for our pet? Wouldn’t you much rather offer your pet a high-quality, nutritious diet than bigger portions of a lower-grade food? By adding our fresh, organic food to your furry friend’s diet, you can rest assured that you are offering him or her quality grub rather than big quantities of low-grade kibble that can only compete on cost.

Increased Lifespan

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In addition to the various benefits of fresh, organic food, one of the biggest boons is that your furry friend stands a much greater chance at living a longer and happier life. Common wisdom says that small dogs generally live longer than larger dogs, but with fresh, organic food, all dogs stand an equal chance of living longer, no matter their breed or size.

Another benefit of going the fresh, organic route is knowing that our food also does not contain any growth hormones or fillers such as wheat and corn. You can feel free to ensure that your furry friend receives a lot of love and attention, and we’ll take care of providing you with healthy, nutritious food that keeps your pet at an optimum level of health.

Love, The PetsWell Team

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