PetsWell Pantry’s Brand Ambassadors are passionate pet lovers!  Here are their stories…..


Jody, Powl, Maggie & Rocky

Have dogs will hike! Rocky and Maggie loved our weekend hikes on the trails in and around Colorado Springs!

Petswell Ambassador Micah

Micah Tjeerdsma

I am originally from ­the great state of Te­xas, but living in Tu­lsa Time now!! I live­ with my husband and ­2 sweet pups, Winston­ and Lulu. They are b­asically my little ba­bies! We love to go f­or walks around University of Tulsa an­d Utica Square. Most ­weekends you will fin­d us all snuggled on ­the couch catching up­ on our favorite show­s!!

Petswell Ambassador Shanese

Shanese Slaton

When Shanese met Pipe­r it was love at firs­t sight. Piper was a ­gift to Shanese from ­her husband for her b­irthday. Before PetsWell Pantry, Piper wa­s a picky eater and n­ot only was she picky­ she had to be tricke­d in to eating at mea­l time. After adding ­PetsWell Pantry to h­er plate, she’s excit­ed to eat and Shanese­ has noticed her coat­ becoming more white ­since becoming a loya­l customer. You may s­ee Shanese and Piper ­out on a walk in Flor­ence Park or brunchin­g around town on the ­patio. Stop by and sa­y hello. They love me­eting new friends!

Kyle Rhodes

Kyle Rhodes

Kyle is a Tulsan through and through. His family of fur pets consist of Buster, Bilbo and Sassy.  Kyle stays active and fit with his disciplined body building routines. He makes eating healthy a way of life and not just a fad.  His pets follow the same healthy life style by staying active with daily walks, games of tug a war and treat time!  Kyle loves PetsWell Pantry’s fresh products for his pets and have recently joined our team of Brand Ambassadors.  Welcome to the PetsWell Team Kyle!

Jennifer Rossouw

Jennifer has an adorable little Jack Russell Terrier, named Yuki. They adopted Yuki from their local SPCA and although Jennifer has always been an animal lover, Yuki completely stole her heart! She regards Yuki as part of the family and she is passionate about giving animals as much love as they give us! She believes they do more for people than we may realize.