7 Things That Happen When You Go From Dog Lover To Dog Parent

7 Things That Happen When You Go From Dog Lover To Dog Parent

2. Dog lovers can spread out on their beds, roll around in it and basically sleep any which way, because well it’s your bed. In dog parent world your bed is your dog’s. Your couch is your dog’s. Your blankets are your dog’s. Your pillows are your dog’s. Basically everything you own is your dog’s by default.


3. Dog parents are privy to this one secret — “Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world and none of them are wrong.

best dog

4. Don’t even get us started on vacations. Dog parents everywhere know what I’m talking about.

holiday time

5. Yes, almost everyone cries when a dog dies in a movie. However if you’re a dog parent, you’ll sob and sob and hold your pup so tight and never let them go.

movie time

6. Dog lovers take pictures and move on with their lives but with dog parents you’ll constantly hear, “Look here… please just look at the camera, Yoooohoooooo, woof woof, hi puppy hiiiiieeeee, you wanna treat, looook here!” in the squeakiest voice possible.


7. Dog lovers meet dogs, say hi, maybe play a little and then it’s byeeee until we meet again. Dog parents meet dogs and instantly ask a million questions. I recently asked a stranger on the street if they’d like me to dog-sit for them since my dog got along so well with theirs.

walk away

Illustrated by Kelly Angel For BarkPost.


Love, The PetsWell Team

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