To maintain an optimum level of health, a healthy dose of protein is not only essential in a human’s diet, but also in the daily diets of our furry friends. However, special care needs to be taken with regards to the grade of protein that goes into their food.

Although kibble contains high levels of protein, you need to be aware of how these high levels of protein are obtained and whether these are in actual fact as nutritious as you believe them to be. The processes used to manufacture commercial pet food allows for most of the nutrients to be lost, before the food reaches our Stores.

Pet food manufacturers focus on mass production, extended shelf life and low manufacturing costs versus high profits. In order to obtain high protein levels, they make use of a rendering (extraction/melting) process, whereby they use the carcasses of dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals. These carcases are grinded and cooked in huge vats, in order to remove water and fat and to kill any parasites, viruses, bacteria and/or harmful organisms. This leaves them with what is labelled as “useable material”.

The remainder of fat is included in pet food, as animal fat and the remainder of protein solids is then further processed to manufacture meal, which is also included in commercial pet food. This contributes to the high levels of protein. But, this is clearly not the highest grade of protein. So, how does this compare to 100% all natural human grade protein?

100% Grass-Fed Beef
It is free from vaccinations, antibiotics and hormones. It contains five times more

Omega 3 fatty acids than grainfed beef. It contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which promotes a healthy skin and coat and a natural healthy weight. Both Omega 3 and CLA are essential fatty acids which has anti-inflammatory properties.

GrainFed Beef
It contains vaccinations, antibiotics and hormones. It contains less Omega 3 fatty acids than grass-fed beef. Grain provides more carbohydrates and limited amino acids (protein). When dogs ingest higher levels of carbohydrates than necessary, this results in the carbohydrates being stored as fat, which leads to weight gain and in some cases obesity.

Premium All Natural Chicken
Premium all natural chicken contains highly digestible proteins and fats. Premium all natural chicken is also not injected with any vaccinations, antibiotics, fillers or growth promoters, thus making this a high (human) grade protein.

Organic Chicken
One would assume that “organic” means “good”. However, organic chickens are generally raised in inhumane conditions and in very small cages. They are deprived of fresh air and natural light. They are also injected with vaccinations, fillers, antibiotics and growth promoters. (The latter is used to increase their weight and size).

Premium All Natural Turkey
Although turkey is an excellent source of lean protein, premium free range turkey is the best to feed your pup. It contains more than eighteen to twenty percent more protein than caged turkey.

Caged Turkey
Despite the fact that caged turkey still remains a source of protein, eighty percent of the turkey available, contains corn or wheat gluten and MSG, thus lowering the level of lean protein.

Premium human grade protein alongside a healthy organic diet offers a variety of health benefits such as the following:

Better Care For Your Pet
By supplementing your pet‘s daily diet with fresh, organic food and premium human grade protein, you will be playing an active part in taking better care of your pup. You will not only provide your pup with better nutrition, but also lower his or her chances of contracting various ailments or disease, thus enhancing your pup’s overall health.

No More Allergies
Substances such as preservatives, artificial coloring, flavouring, additives and added sugars can all have adverse effects on our pet’s health and is the primary cause of various allergies. However, when supplementing your pup’s diet with fresh, organic food and premium human grade protein, you will alleviate most of the symptoms of allergies. In fact, it could leave your pup completely allergy free.

Healthier Skin and Coat
Food coloring is one of the major culprits when it comes to skin ailments. But, by supplementing your pet’s meals with fresh, organic food and premium human grade protein, you will be lowering your pup’s intake of artificial coloring and will ultimately ensure a healthier skin and coat.

Healthy Digestive System
When we supplement our pet’s diet with fresh, organic food and premium human grade protein, we instantly reduce their intake of the nasty by-products found in commercial pet food. This will reduce their chances of possible digestive problems, kidney and/or liver problems. As an added benefit this will also eliminate possible weight problems.

Healthy Immune System
By choosing to supplement your pet’s diet with fresh, organic food and premium human grade protein, you will also ensure that your pup has a healthier immune system. These foods are more digestible and provide much better nutrition, which means that your pup will rather absorb most of the nutrients, than eliminate the nutrients which are required to maintain a healthy immune system.

More Vitality
When supplementing your pup’s meals with fresh, organic food and premium human grade protein, you will notice that your pup requires smaller portions of food and will feel more satisfied after a meal. The reason for this, is that you will be supplementing your pup’s food with high quality food. Your pup will also have more energy than when only consuming commercial pet food.

By supplementing your pet’s diet with fresh, organic foods and premium human grade protein, you will not only spare your pup from the symptoms of allergies, but you will also contribute to a healthy skin and coat, healthier eyes, a healthy digestive system, increased vitality and a healthy body weight. You will increase your pup’s overall health and provide him or her with an opportunity to live a longer and much happier life.


The PetsWell Team

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